Hi, I'm Giselle Fox.
Pull up a chair and
I'll tell you a story.

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Falling for Lucky Giselle Fox Available Now

The road to love can be a bumpy ride…
Juliet’s got a job that most women would die for, she runs a column and video blog for a food magazine. But while everything else might seem rosy in her world, her love life is woefully non-existent. When she finds a discarded jewelry box, things start to happen with a strange twist of luck.
An old friend invites her on a last-minute bachelorette party tour, an all-expenses-paid motorcycle trip along Italy’s romantic Amalfi Coast. It could be just another one of those strange coincidences that keep happening, but Juliet is thrilled to tag along for the ride. When she meets Leoni, the gorgeous Italian motorcycle racer, Juliet starts to question a lot more than her luck.
But fate still has a few tricks up its sleeve and Juliet finds herself cruising a bumpy road. Can she capture the love she’s always been after or is she heading for a crash course with destiny?

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About me

I write Lesbian Romance because it’s sexy and fun. I enjoy diving into my characters, building their lives and guiding them through struggles. I love sending them to beautiful places and thrilling them with adventure. I want my heroines to find their strength as they discover the path to love. I build healthy relationships even though they’ll make human mistakes.

I write romance because I love happy endings. It’s nice to escape to a good book and know that it’ll all work out. I want my ladies to fall in love and beat the odds and find a common ground that they can’t live without. And I want them over-the-top passionate about each other because it's a lot more fun that way.

Having a pen name puts a little separation between real life and work - but Giselle Fox is all me. She hauls me out of bed early every morning and cracks the whip when I want to flake out on the couch at night. She makes me pay attention to people, places, and circumstances and ask questions so I have something honest to write about. She's always curious and always tries to put the sweet and intangible moments of life into words. She never stops dreaming of ways to make a reader's heart beat faster.

My wife is the inspiration for all my sexy heroines. She’s the crème de la crème. She’s my all-time favorite love story. She’s my queen.

I have a son that I adore more than anything in the world. His amazing sense of fun and adventure keeps me wanting to explore and be a better human being.

I love music, food, travel, and being outside and active. I love where I live - on the beautiful West Coast of Canada where it’s temperate in all sorts of ways.


  • "Every book, every character, takes the reader on an adventure."
  • "...this author never disappoints and each book just gets better and better so if you're interested in a great romance - this is it"
  • "Ms. Fox has fast become one of my favorite lesfic authors; she is a talented writer, and a fabulous storyteller. She has a knack of drawing readers into the story, and keeping them captivated throughout the book - especially during the most thrilling, precarious, and sensuous moments of the characters' experiences."
  • "I was reading some of the reviews posted by other readers and it seems we all share the common consensus that Ms. Fox is an extremely gifted writer."
  • "This story has won my heart. The build up was the perfect slow burn. On a cold, winter day, having wonderful descriptions of the warm, magical Italian sun and countryside enhanced the romantic story and made me forget where I was. There is not a missed note. And the dialogue is authentic and so entertaining. When a writer can show the emotions of the characters via good dialogue, then that is a winner to me."
  • "I can't say enough good things about Giselle Fox's talent in developing characters and the true tenderness through which they express their passions. Kudos to you, Giselle, for sharing a breath of fresh air!"
  • "This is entertainment at it's finest in Lesbian fiction. Bravo!"