Claire and the Lady Billionaire Series by Giselle Fox

A contemporary lesbian romance series that will get you hooked from the first page. Step into the scintillating world of Claire and Camille...

Praise for
Claire and the Lady Billionaire

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    4.33 average out of 5, 1845 ratings

  • Amazon Reviewers say:

    "Brilliant, absolutely loved it. I can’t get enough of this series."

    "I bought a copy of this story on the recommendation of a friend, and can't thank her enough. I'm not normally a fan of series but one short story and I'm hooked. This story already has many raving reviews so I'm just going to say I agree with all those who are fans."

    "Loved the dynamic of these two characters. It makes you to keep reading till the end just to find out what's going to happen next. I recommend it to anyone!!!"

    "Read the entire series! So much fun to read. Hot steamy love scenes, great romance and sizzling chemistry!!!"

    "Many might scoff at the genre of romance because of the seemingly simplistic vague plot line of girl meets girl and instant sparks fly - blah, blah, blah, rinse and repeat. Anyone can write that, but can they write as good as this? This author GETS it when it comes to writing about passion and passionate women. This story takes the classic prince(cess) and the pauper tale and adds the lesbian erotic twist with style and flair. Told through Claire's POV, she is the small town Oregon coast girl who meets Camille the billionaire when she walks into the supermarket Claire works in. Instead of proceeding with a typical plot of "sparks fly" and then move on to the sex scene, we are treated to the in-depth internal dialogue Claire contemplates over the intensity of her reaction including sights, smells, textures, colors, and emotions of how Camille captures her interest. So many romances lack this depth of character and plot development which can leave the story flat. There's a definitive lack of connection you feel towards the characters because of it . It's building that bridge between the characters' mutual interest that makes this story so much MORE vibrant and wildly erotic once the intimate scenes do arrive. In addition, the character development of Claire and Camille is wonderfully layered for being such a short story. Claire is smart, driven, ballsy, loyal, and exceedingly caring. Camille comes across at first as confident and controlling with a side of ice but as Claire gradually wins her trust we find underneath that tough exterior a generous and vulnerable woman. This is really some of the best writing I've seen in the Lesfic romance genre and I would definitely recommend this entire series for your collection. It only gets better from here."

    "I loved this set of books, story and beautiful strong sexy characters. I did not want any of the books to end. Giselle is a great writer, that pulls you into the story and characters who have an amazing sensual and passionate love for each other, even when life has its ups and downs. Keep up the great writing and I really hope there will be more books about Camille and Claire and their cast of friends and family."

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