Falling for Lucky by Giselle Fox
The road to love can be a bumpy ride…

Juliet has a job most women would die for, she runs a column and video blog for a food magazine. But while everything else might seem rosy in her world, her love life is woefully non-existent. When she finds a discarded jewelry box, things start to happen with a strange twist of luck.
An old friend invites her on a last-minute bachelorette party tour, an all-expenses-paid motorcycle trip along Italy’s romantic Amalfi Coast. It could be just another one of those strange coincidences that keep happening, but Juliet is thrilled to tag along for the ride. When she meets Leoni, the gorgeous Italian motorcycle racer, Juliet starts to question a lot more than her luck.
But fate still has a few tricks up its sleeve and Juliet finds herself cruising a bumpy road. Can she capture the love she’s always been after or is she heading for a crash course with destiny?

Praise for
Falling for Lucky

  • Goodreads

    4.54 average out of 5, 184 ratings
  • Amazon Reviewers say:

    "As I read further and further into this novel, I really felt like this story should have begun with, “Once upon a time ....”. There’s a comforting and wonderful pace that reminds me of a fairytale except this time the Knight in shining armor rides a badass motorcycle and wears leather instead of armor. Then there is the discovery of a mysterious charm that falls unexpectedly into Juliet’s possession, and it’s peculiar ability to manipulate her fate that adds another layer of intrigue to the budding romance between Juliet and Leoni. And Leoni ... oh my ... she made the perfect knight who is suave, debonair, and decadently exotic. Her homeland of Italy lent its own layer of enthralling charm and was truly one of the core characters to the story itself. Along the way they stumble on a little danger and suspense and now you have one of the more fun and swoon-worthy romances I’ve read in a long time. Getting lost in their romance in the beautiful Italian countryside was so worth it."

    "What a fun fairy tale. I thoroughly enjoyed it and certainly recommend this book. I love Italy and exploring local foods. Motorcycles are a passion I stay far away from. It was lovely reading about them all."

    "Great story. Enjoyed every moment of it. Fast paced. Strong caracters, a magical love story with some drama and comedy thrown in."

    "When Giselle writes a novel, readers who know leap for joy. “Falling for Lucky” is one of her songs of love. Read this book and enjoy the beautiful pictures of Italy she draws for us."

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