Lesbian Romance Books by Giselle Fox

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Sun Catcher - Book Three - Giselle Fox

Sun Catcher Book Three

Three sisters, three lovers, and one stolen diamond.

Paris police detective Angelique Floret has a theory after a diamond dealer is shot in broad daylight. Fashion model Charlotte Duke is in Paris, and the connections are too many to ignore. With only one way to prove if she's right, Angelique must go undercover. But Charlie gives her so much more than she bargained for.

Heartbroken Cate lands in Paris with Elizabeth, but Interpol Agent Marquez is closing in. Cate is convinced she wants rid of the Duke family forever, until Lexi sends her on a hunt for missing pieces. At the family home in Iowa, Cate discovers a part of Lexi that she never knew.

For Lexi, Jericho, and Charlie, it all comes down to one night. Will their grand finale in London set things right, or will it all come crashing down?

Sun Catcher Book Two - Giselle Fox - Lesbian Romance Books

Sun Catcher Book Two

Love can find you … even when you’re hiding

Taylor is on the run from Stinger James, her drug-crazed criminal of a husband. Along with her mother and her baby boy, she hides out in a small town where she hopes they’ll all be safe.

One of her new neighbors, a woman named Jericho, soon enchants Taylor with her kindness and charm. As the two women grow closer, Taylor begins to feel an attraction deeper than she’s ever known.

Jericho senses that Taylor is hiding something … but she has secrets of her own. She and her sisters, Lexi and Charlie, are no strangers to risk – the job they’re planning is proof of that. Jericho is determined to keep the woman she’s falling for safe, and soon she’s enlisted her siblings’ aid.

Then Stinger tracks his ex-wife down to take his revenge. Can Taylor and Jericho, with help from their families, stop him once and for all … or will tragedy tear them apart?

Sun Catcher - Book One - Giselle Fox

Sun Catcher Book One

Playing it safe may be the greatest risk of all ...

Cate is sick of her boring job and stolid boyfriend. She craves excitement, and a trip to Panama to visit a wild and crazy friend from her college days is the perfect solution.

The expat community there welcomes her, but Cate is more intrigued by Lexi, her friend’s beautiful but mysterious neighbor. The other woman seems the very embodiment of passion and adventure, and the more time they spend together, the harder Cate falls.

Then she discovers Lexi’s secret … and has to make a wrenching choice. Will love prove stronger than heartache, or has Cate found her dream only to lose it?

Rock Candy - Giselle Fox - Lesbian Romance Books

Rock Candy

When the universe says yes, how can you say no?

Graphic artist Rocky has her own print shop, a border collie named Skip, and a broken heart. She paints her pain on abandoned buildings at night. At age 45, she wonders if it's too late to find true love.

Then she meets Candy, a 29-year-old art-school graduate, and realizes she’s the mystery woman Rocky’s been dreaming about for months. The chemistry between them is immediate and intense, and Rocky’s falling fast.

But her friends are worried that she’s on the rebound with someone who’s too young and wild. Is Rocky only setting herself up for more heartbreak, or can she trust the magic between them?

Rare and Beautiful Things - Giselle Fox - Lesbian Romance Novels

Rare and Beautiful Things

The rarest prize might be buried deep … or hiding in plain sight.

Amber Greyell knows a lot about jaguars. A virgin at 32, the willowy, redheaded PhD finds romance far more baffling. So when she meets gorgeous, athletic shipwreck diver Nikki Sharpe off the coast of Belize, her curiosity is mixed with a strong dose of caution.

Nikki can’t help being intrigued by Amber’s innocence and intellect. When the pair discover a long-lost journal preserved in a sunken ship, the unexpected story in its pages sets them on their own journey toward intimacy.

But Amber doesn’t want to get her heart broken by a woman who won’t be around for long. Can Nikki overcome Amber’s doubts and show her there’s more than one kind of hidden treasure?

Slow Burn in Tuscany - Giselle Fox - Lesbian Romance Books

Slow Burn in Tuscany

What do you do when your worst enemy turns out to be the one woman you can't resist?

Single mom Brianna Valente has hated Madison Blake since the night they graduated high school. So when the rich, beautiful Madison signs up for the same tour of Italy that Bree is taking with her BFF, it’s almost enough to ruin the trip before they start.

As if that’s not bad enough, a nosy, loud-mouthed journalist starts poking into the tourists’ private lives -- and turns Bree’s upside down. Suddenly, everything she thought she knew is wrong … and the woman she was sure she hated is hotter than the Tuscan sun and firing all Bree’s fantasies.

The tour becomes a journey of unexpected discoveries, full of sweet seduction and vivid emotion … until Bree realizes that she stands in the way of Madison’s deepest desire. Will Bree sacrifice her first-ever chance at real romance for the sake of Madison’s dream? And if she does, can love find a way to bring them together again?

Claire And The Lady Billionaire - Book One - Giselle Fox

Claire And The Lady Billionaire

The little story that started it all ...
Claire Lundy is a promising business school student but family circumstances have brought her home to the Oregon coast where she works double-shifts at the local supermarket.

It's closing time on a sultry mid-summers eve when a seductive stranger appears with movie-star looks and expensive taste. Claire is entranced by the woman and accepts her invitation to her beach side mansion for a sensuous evening of fireworks and champagne.

But a storm threatens the beach side town and what begins as an innocent bit of fun for Claire turns into a night of danger, adventure, passion and fortune.

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Two - Giselle Fox - Lesbian Romance Author

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Two

After spending a long and passionate night with the lady billionaire, Claire is consumed by thoughts of the seductive and alluring Camille. When Camille calls, four days later, Claire is invited to spend time on her yacht. But what begins as a sensuously erotic reunion nearly ends in tragedy and the two women must band together to avoid disaster.

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Three

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Three

Camille's departure looms near and Claire must face the reality that her affair with the beautiful billionaire is coming to an end. Nevermind that her MBA program begins in a matter of weeks.

The lovers grand finale weekend in the city takes a very unexpected turn when Claire meets someone new and witnesses something scandalous. But Camille has bigger problems to contend with.

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Four - Giselle Fox - Lesbian Romance Author

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Four

Camille must return to Singapore and Claire is left with the heartbreaking uncertainty of when her beautiful billionaire lover will return.

But when her MBA program begins, Claire is faced with a sudden and surprising challenge that puts her love affair with Camille on the line and a foe that she never saw coming.

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Five - Giselle Fox Author

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Five

As their holiday together draws to an end, the couple head north on a road trip to spend their final few days in each other's arms. Meanwhile, a storm is brewing back home for Camille as the Bettencourts rage about her new lesbian lover.

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Six - Giselle Fox - Lesbian Romance Author

Claire And The Lady Billionaire Six

Claire struggles to stay focused after Molly’s fiery attack. With Camille in Singapore, the separation is harder than ever. The school year is almost over and Claire must prepare for her summer internship. She is determined to help Camille make peace with her father but her first meeting with the hard-nosed CEO doesn’t go as planned.