Slow Burn in Tuscany by Giselle Fox
When the universe says yes, how can you say no?

Graphic artist Rocky has her own print shop, a border collie named Skip, and a broken heart. She paints her pain on abandoned buildings at night. At age 45, she wonders if it's too late to find true love.
Then she meets Candy, a 29-year-old art-school graduate, and realizes she’s the mystery woman Rocky’s been dreaming about for months. The chemistry between them is immediate and intense, and Rocky’s falling fast.
But her friends are worried that she’s on the rebound with someone who’s too young and wild. Is Rocky only setting herself up for more heartbreak, or can she trust the magic between them?

Praise for
Rock Candy

  • Goodreads

    4.24 average out of 5, 223 ratings
  • Amazon Reviewers say:

    "For anyone who loves contemporary lesbian romance with a rock and roll attitude, this book is for you! I read it 5 times already and plan on reading it again! Giselle Fox is an incredible writer and I've devoured every book she's written, every person should! Love it!"

    "I am rapidly becoming a fangirl of this author. She has an uncanny ability to write chemistry that explodes right off the page and Rock Candy is no exception. Not only that, the the ability to combine steamy interplay with an interesting plot line and wonderfully layered characters is designed to dazzle you from the first page to the last sentence. You will close this book with a sigh of contentment and a smile on your face knowing that you read something worthwhile."

    "Hard as Rock. Sweet as Candy. Perfect names for a not perfect but wonderfully complementary couple. A very well written book with a steady pace. I highly recommend it. Giselle Fox tells a great story every time."

    "This was another knock out! I read it all in one sitting! Giselle has a way of building a slow burn in her characters that makes me tingle from my head to my toes! I love her writing and can't wait for the next one."

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