Sun Catcher Book One by Giselle Fox
Sun Catcher

Cate is sick of her boring job and stolid boyfriend. She craves excitement, and a trip to Panama to visit a wild and crazy friend from her college days is the perfect solution.


Sun Castcher Book Two by Giselle Fox
Sun Catcher Two

Taylor is on the run from Stinger James, her drug-crazed criminal of a husband. Along with her mother and her baby boy, she hides out in a small town where she hopes they’ll all be safe.


Sun Catcher Book Three by Giselle Fox
Sun Catcher Three

Paris police detective Angelique Floret has a theory after a diamond dealer is shot in broad daylight. Fashion model Charlotte Duke is in Paris, and the connections are too many to ignore...

Praise for
Sun Catcher

  • Book One

    "Yet again this author manages to harness her singular talent for writing about passion and passionate women in exotic locations. ..."

    "The stuff of romance books and fantasies, ooh wee, so glad I took everyone’s recs to heart and picked out this series to read. I kept thinking, now here’s a storyteller..."

    "Giselle Fox is a master storyteller who gets you quickly entrenched in her stories! They are sexy, engaging and well constructed. I don't even pick up one of her books unless I have the time to read it from start to finish because I can't put it down once I read the first page..."

  • Book Two

    "Ms.Fox is The G.O.A.T of lesbian authors and a wonderful author in general, she writes beautiful and masterful. I love all her series from Claire and the lady billionaire(favorite) to this one. I fully recommend reading the series if you like romance, intrigue and mystery beautifully crafted into an amazing book. Enjoy!"

    "Oh My Goodness! Whew... book 2 was exciting and romantic and loving. I can hardly breath with the ending. I just want to get to book 3. I love Love and its endless possibilities..."

    "Book one pulled me in and book two hooked me!! This series is really great and I can't wait for book three. Read them..I don't think you will be disappointed..."

  • Book Three

    "This series really caught me by surprise. I thought it was simply going to a fun beach read. And in a way it is. It's glamorous and escapist. But Fox has given the main characters a depth that really pulls it from being a straight cotton candy read. I'll re-read the entire series..."

    "I am a huge fan of Giselle Fox’s writing and the Sun Catcher Books has become my all time favorite series. I loved how each sister got their happy ending. The plot to return the Sun Catcher was engaging and the story line kept me on the edge of my seat. As per her other books, the writing is phenomenal. If you only read one series in your life this should be the one..."

    "Wow! I really don't have the words to formulate what I really want to say about this trilogy. This was an absolutely amazing story of crime, passion, and true love. I read it like I was watching a movie. If only you could find 3 beautiful triplets that fit the description of Lexi, Jericho, and Charlie and put this to film.... OMG. I hate it came to an end but a wonderful end indeed..."

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