Slow Burn in Tuscany by Giselle Fox
What do you do when your worst enemy turns out to be the one woman you can't resist?

Single mom Brianna Valente has hated Madison Blake since the night they graduated high school. So when the rich, beautiful Madison signs up for the same tour of Italy that Bree is taking with her BFF, it’s almost enough to ruin the trip before they start.

As if that’s not bad enough, a nosy, loud-mouthed journalist starts poking into the tourists’ private lives -- and turns Bree’s upside down. Suddenly, everything she thought she knew is wrong … and the woman she was sure she hated is hotter than the Tuscan sun and firing all Bree’s fantasies.

The tour becomes a journey of unexpected discoveries, full of sweet seduction and vivid emotion … until Bree realizes that she stands in the way of Madison’s deepest desire. Will Bree sacrifice her first-ever chance at real romance for the sake of Madison’s dream? And if she does, can love find a way to bring them together again?

Praise for
Slow Burn in Tuscany

  • Awards

    2016 Rainbow Awards: Best Debut Lesbian Book Winner
  • Goodreads

    4.08 average out of 5, 498 ratings
  • Amazon Reviewers say:

    "Ms. Fox is a master storyteller and quickly engages the reader. You can't help but love the characters and root for them all the way. Absolutely wonderful story told in a way that makes you feel like you're there or listening to your best friend tell the story of their life. Fantastic read!"

    "I was pleasantly surprised with this book. They characters are fun and their dialogue is sometimes laugh out loud funny. It was a feel good and not overly dramatized story that kept me reading. I really liked the characters.... and (btw) the love scenes were hot and set in Tuscany. Definitely worth reading."

    "Great story. Enjoyed every moment of it. Fast paced. Strong caracters, a magical love story with some drama and comedy thrown in."

    "This book was one of the best lesbian romance novels I have read in some time. My heart felt every emotion the characters went through. The descriptions and details pulled me in and I couldn't get enough. I loved every chapter, page and paragraph. I will definitely be following your work from now on. Thank you."

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