Some times seasonal, other times just because; these steamy novellas offer up all the adventure and feels in a smaller package.

Hummingbird Cove - Giselle Fox

Hummingbird Cove

A bestselling author lives in paradise behind a secret identity
until a sexy developer comes to take her land…

Hummingbird Cove seemed like the perfect place to write and raise a family, until Keira’s partner ran off and took the son she loves. Now Keira’s battling heartache, seclusion, and a bad case of writer’s block, and even her best friend and agent thinks it’s time to move on. When a gorgeous newcomer comes to buy the only other house on the cove, Keira wonders whether fate is trying to jumpstart her life again.

To Daisy, the cove seems like the perfect oasis for a development, and she’s ready to employ all her powers of persuasion. Owning the cove could make her family millions, and Keira Maitland is the only thing standing in her way. But when Keira gives her a taste of heaven on Earth, Daisy must decide what’s more important, love or money.

Year of the Kiss - Giselle Fox

Year of the Kiss

A perfect year begins with a perfect kiss...
It's New Year's Eve and single artist Sasha is ready to celebrate, but 2018 isn't quite done with her yet. A last-minute shock at her day job sends her reeling, and it looks like the new year will get off to a rocky start. With some help from her kilt-wearing brother in law, Rob, she makes three little wishes for a happier New Year.

PhD student Naomi isn't doing much better, the holiday season brought her a scandalous surprise. And without a special lady to celebrate with, she winds up with her parent's at their friend's New Year's bash. Unaware that her night is about to get complicated, she confides in someone that controls her fate.

When Naomi's and Sasha's worlds suddenly collide, New Year's Eve takes a magical turn. But just when they both thought they'd found someone special, their two paths are unwillingly torn apart. Will Sasha have to search all of Boston to find her? Will Naomi ever see Sasha again?

Hallowed - By Giselle Fox


A sexy, spooky, spine-tingler from bestselling lesbian romance author Giselle Fox...
It’s two days before Halloween and Jill-of-all-trades Nina jumps at a chance to work on Millionaires’ Row. But Jacqueline, the flirty quantum physicist who hired her, has a split personality that proves hard to nail down. Nina soon discovers that the mansion is full of secrets, and that darkness is lurking right outside the front door.

Meanwhile, Justice, the archangel, has her hands full. A dark and powerful force has taken hold of the city, and soon she'll need everyone to hear her call to arms.
An ensemble cast of ladies in the battle of a lifetime. Hallowed is sure to give you warm chills on a dark and stormy night.

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