Rare and Beautiful Things by Giselle Fox
The rarest prize might be buried deep… or hiding in plain sight.

Amber Greyell knows a lot about jaguars. A virgin at 32, the willowy, redheaded PhD finds romance far more baffling. So when she meets gorgeous, athletic shipwreck diver Nikki Sharpe off the coast of Belize, her curiosity is mixed with a strong dose of caution.
Nikki can’t help being intrigued by Amber’s innocence and intellect. When the pair discover a long-lost journal preserved in a sunken ship, the unexpected story in its pages sets them on their own journey toward intimacy.
But Amber doesn’t want to get her heart broken by a woman who won’t be around for long. Can Nikki overcome Amber’s doubts and show her there’s more than one kind of hidden treasure?

Praise for
Rare and Beautiful Things

  • Recognition

    2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention
  • Goodreads

    4.19 average out of 5, 401 ratings
  • Amazon Reviewers say:

    "I have been an avid reader of lesbian fiction for the past few years (averaging at least one new novel per week). So when I say this is one of, if not the best lesfic novels I've ever read, that statement holds some weight. I loved the different complexities of the main characters, such as Nikki's carefree sexy abandon and view on life and all of the idiosyncrasies that made up Amber. But what I especially loved, besides the story within the story, was the slow building fiery romantic relationship between the two. The flirting, innuendo, and restraint was oh so satisfying and real. I was transported into the story and I felt like I was the one being slowly seduced and coaxed into letting go."

    "I've been to Belize and I'm a Scuba Diver so these details and how the setting was depicted were perfect. The writer has clearly done the research needed to make this real and believable especially with the scuba diving sections. The author crafted a story in such a way to completely get me sucked in. I could easily visualize all the locations and the settings, which made me as a reader very happy. The character arcs were exactly what I expected and wanted. It really worked."

    "Fantastic adventurous treasure hunt! I really enjoyed this book and the many layers to this story, not only the love that grew between Amber and Nikki, but also Marie and Pearl's story, plus Zeke's redemption. This book does not have one HEA, it has many, while being told in a thoughtful and heart-warming fashion."

    "This book is incredible... a love unforced, organic and meant to be. Amber (brilliant, attractive, researcher of wild cats and loner) and Nikki (gorgeous, charismatic, diver and treasure hunter) could not be more different seemingly but they simply fit... and even by the end of the first chapter that concludes -- "I would never be that girl... There would always be someone that would make me disappear" -- the reader knows this love would take time and was worthy of the journey found on the pages. Compound this with another love story told from the journal of lives long past and this book is unmistakably outstanding. I love the times when I find an unexpected gem once I begin a new book... this gave me that experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it... well-written and creatively crafted."

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