May 2023 Update

Painted eye rocks and books on a beach at sunrise

I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on what’s been happening over the past few months. If you noticed my absence from social media and publishing, it’s because I’ve been dealing with a detached retina. It’s been a challenging and eye-opening experience (pun intended), but I’m happy to report that I’m on the road to recovery, with just one more surgery to go.

During my healing process, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my love for storytelling and the importance of self-care. I’ve been working at a slower pace, but I’m excited to announce that I have a new standalone romance novel and a novella coming soon. Once these projects are completed, I’ll be focusing on the last books of the Claire and Camille series, which I know many of you are eagerly awaiting.

Throughout this journey, I’ve been touched by the support and understanding from my readers and fellow writers. Your encouragement has meant the world to me, and I’m looking forward to sharing my new stories with all of you.

As I continue to heal and get back into the swing of things, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress and upcoming projects. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for more exciting news!


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